É com prazer que informamos que o artigo “A centralized platform for access of heterogeneous data on human genome repositories for supporting clinical decisions”, de autoria de Andrêza Leite de Alencar, Vanilson Burégio, Marcel Caraciolo, Jamisson Freitas e Vinicius Cardoso Garcia foi aceito para apresentação no Database Systems Industry Day Workshop (DSIDW’2016) do Simpósio Brasileiro de Banco de Dados (SBBD’2016) que vai ser realizado entre os dias 04 a 07 de Outubro em Salvador.

O resumo seguinte descreve o trabalho:

The Data integration is a key challenge in clinical genetics area where analysts need to handle multiple heterogeneous data sources on biological and clinical domains. The research reported in this paper aims to provide unified access to these diverse data sources to support various clinical decisions. In this context, this article describes the work in progress for the construction and implementation of a platform that allows integration and unified access to sources of heterogeneous data. We detail the architecture defined for the platform and an online usage scenario for processing and annotation of clinical variants, which uses the main public data repositories genome as OMIM, Clinvar, Lovd, ExAC6500, and others. Thus, this platform helps in decision making of analysts and geneticists to release results of genetic tests.