Com prazer informamos que o artigo “Convertview: A Tool for Conversion and Visualization of Open Heterogenic Governmental Data to the Rdf Standard”, de autoria de Clovis Holanda do Nascimento, Ricardo Alexandre Afonso, Vinicius Cardoso Garcia e Carlo Marcelo Revoredo foi aceito como poster para apresentação no 11th International Conference on Web Information System and Technologies (WEBIST’2015).

O resumo do artigo diz que:

The diversity and relevance of the information made available by many governments, using the principles defined by the open data manifest, creates an opportunity for the populations aid in many fields of governmental administration, such as security, transportation, health care and education. However, most of this information was generated in unstructured digital files, making them hard to use. This paper presents an approach for the structuring of data, improving the processing and extraction of information. Thus, we created a tool based on a cloud computing environment, which has high processing and storage ability, to create files in a homogeneous and structured format, allowing for ominous and specific queries; contributing to the access of the information.