Com prazer informamos que o artigo “Br-SCMM - Brazilian Smart City Maturity Model: A Perspective from the Health Domain”, de autoria de Ricardo Alexandre Afonso, Kellyton Santos Brito, Clovis Holanda, Alexandre Alvaro e Vinicius Cardoso Garcia foi aceito como poster para apresentação no 15th World Congress on Health and Biomedical Informatics (Medinfo’2015).

O resumo do artigo diz que:

The term definition “Smart City” still allows various interpretations, and this causes some difficulty in establishing parameters to measure how smart the cities can be. On the other hand, create intangible indicators can discourage small and medium cities to seek solutions that make them more competitive, sustainable and optimized, just like domain of Health. This paper presents a Maturity Model that uses a set of minimum domains and indicators that aim to encourage cities of different sizes to identify their potential and improve processes and public policies. To validate this model, we used data collected in public Big Data Systems from Brazilian cities.