Com prazer informamos que o artigo “Assessing the Benefits of Open Government Data: The Case of Meu Congresso Nacional in Brazilian Elections 2014”, de autoria de Kellyton Brito, Marcos Costa, Vinicius Cardoso Garcia e Silvio Meira foi aceito como full paper para apresentação oral e publicação na 16th International Digital Government Research Conference (dg.o 2015).

O resumo do artigo diz que:

Open Government Data (OGD) and transparency has been recognized as having the potential to provide many benefits for the society at all, including governmental, scientific, commercial and political domains. However, much of the existing research discusses benefits on a high-level basis, and more empirical analysis is needed in order to analyze and assess the real impact of these initiatives. The objective of this paper is to analyze the benefits perceived by the general population of the use of applications based on OGD, especially the Meu Congresso Nacional, a website based on political OGD and broadly used by Brazilian citizens in the Brazilian elections in 2014. The analysis was based on a survey conducted with website visitors and concludes that, despite this kind of application not yet being popular, people consider them more useful than official government websites, able to help reduce corruption and even influence voting decisions.