A paper by ASSERT Members was published in the IEEE Internet Computing Magazine, vol. 19, 2015. The paper is entitled “An Architecture and Guiding Framework for the Social Enterprise”, by Vanilson Burégio, Zakaria Maamar and Silvio Meira.

In this paper, the authors suggest ways to help integrate social technologies into enterprise operations. In fact, with the widespread adoption of social technologies like social networks, blogs, and wikis, there is a growing interest in looking into how enterprises should capitalize on these technologies. The social enterprise is the one that on top of having an online presence on the Internet, strives to open up new communication channels with stakeholders using social technologies. Building upon previous works on social business processes and on practical experiences on adopting such technologies in different Brazilian companies, this paper suggests an architecture and guiding framework for the social enterprise in terms of how to bridge the gap between the business world and social world and how to integrate social technologies into the enterprise’s day-to-day operations.