É com prazer que informo que o artigo entitulado “Towards Government as a Social Machine”, de autoria de Vanilson Burégio, Kellyton Brito, Nelson Rosa, Misael Neto, Vinicius Garcia e Silvio Meira, foi aprovado para publicação no 3rd International Workshop on the Theory and Practice of Social Machines, workshop que acontece em conjunto com o 24th International World Wide Web (WWW) Conference. O evento acontecerá entre os dias 18 e 22 de Maio deste ano.

Parabéns a todos os envolvidos!

Segue o abstract do artigo:

Government initiatives to open data to the public are becoming increasingly popular every day. The vast amount of data made available by government organizations yields interesting opportunities and challenges - both socially and technically. In this paper, we propose a social machine-oriented architecture as a way to extend the power of open data and create the basis to derive government as a social machine (Gov-SM). The proposed Gov-SM combines principles from existing architectural patterns and provides a platform of specialized APIs to enable the creation of several other social-technical systems on top of it. Based on some implementation experiences, we believe that deriving government as a social machine can, in more than one sense, collaborate to fully integrate users, developers and crowd in order to participate in and solve a multitude of governmental issues and policy.