The paper “Security Threats in Cloud Computing Models: Domains and Proposals“ authored by Carlo Marcelo Revoredo da Silva, José Lutiano Costa da Silva, Ricardo Batista Rodrigues, Leandro Marques do Nascimento and Vinicius Cardoso Garcia has been accepted for publication at the IEEE 6th International Conference on Cloud Computing (IEEE CLOUD 2013). The conference will be held in June 27-July 2, 2013, Santa Clara Marriott, CA, USA (Center of Silicon Valley).

A brief overview of the paper is given next.

This work displays metrics about publications available in the literature which deal with some of the seven Security threats in Cloud Computing based in the guide entitled “Top Threats to Cloud Computing” from the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA). Through this research, it is identified the most explored threats, distributed the results between fifteen Security Domains and identified between eight types of solutions proposed for the threats. In face of those results, it was observed that publications in the literature mostly show a certain trend as the proposals presented for the involved Threats. However, in some cases some variations occur, what motivated us to fulfill an analysis of standard deviation in the results obtained in our research. Based on these data, we present our conception regarding this behavior.